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At Au Marché we are constantly receiving new products. Often it is because customers have requested something really great that we've never stocked before. Sometimes we get something new because I've met a great new distributor or manufacturer at a food show and I've fallen in love with their products. Look here to see what's new at Au Marché! Hopefully you too will find something that you just have to have! Some of our latest arrivals include:

Ambrosoli Honees Candy Ambrosoli Honees Candy

Milk and honey filled drops that our customers just love! A sweet and unique treat.

Amora Mustard Amora Mustard

"Fine et Forte" (fine and strong), Amora mustard is perfect for making vinaigrettes. Simple, delicious and inexpensive - a wonderful, multi-purpose kitchen staple! A staff favorite.

Bay Leaf Earl Grey Tea Bay Leaf Earl Grey Tea
The most famous of black teas, this blend is well-balanced, with citrus notes and a smooth taste. Also available in a decaffeinated version.
Bay Leaf Snow Monkey Plum Tea Bay Leaf Snow Monkey Plum Tea
We had so many requests for this tea after the Bay Leaf closed - one of our best-selling new teas. Smooth black tea combined with flavorful plum - perfect for a chilly afternoon!
Bay Leaf Thai Lemon Tisane Tea Bay Leaf Thai Lemon Tisane Tea
Lemongrass and lemon zest make this light-colored tea tart and herbal with slight floral notes. Caffeine-free.
Busseto Rosette de Lyon Salami Busseto Rosette de Lyon Salami
A more delicately-flavored salami, perfect for pairing with soft cheeses like Fromager d'Affinois and fruit.
Dr. Oetker Yeast Dr. Oetker Yeast
Instant yeast in a convenient three-pack by the famous brand Dr. Oetker. A product of Germany.
Fanta Orange Soda Fanta Orange Soda
Fanta from Germany, made with real orange juice! For a twist on the classic orange soda, try our other most popular German drink: Mezzomix!
Ginger People Gin Gins Ginger People Gin Gins

Perfect for calming an upset stomach or just giving you a little zing, these soft, chewy ginger candies are a naturally perfect candy for traveling. Please note: contains soy.

Les Anis de Flavigny Licorice (Reglisse) Pastilles Les Anis de Flavigny Licorice (Reglisse) Pastilles
Our newest Flavigny flavor! Licorice drops made in the Flavigny tradition.
Lindt Excellence 90% Chocolate Bar Lindt Excellence 90% Chocolate Bar
Our second-darkest chocolate available, with a cacao content of 90% Wonderful for baking or even eating, if you're adventurous! We also carry the Lindt 99% cacao bar if you are feeling daring...
Lindt Excellence 99% Chocolate Bar Lindt Excellence 99% Chocolate Bar
The darkest of the dark! We carry a number of intense dark chocolates, but nothing quite like this! Excellent for baking or even eating (if you're feeling VERY adventurous!)
Lindt Excellence Chili Chocolate Bar Lindt Excellence Chili Chocolate Bar
Rich, dark chocolate infused with spicy red chili. A heated-up version of the classic Swiss Lindt bar.
Milka Toffee Crunch Bar Milka Toffee Crunch Bar
Creamy milk chocolate with crunchy toffee pieces inside - similar to the American Heath bar. One of many delicious Milka bars!
Nielsen-Massey Rose Water Nielsen-Massey Rose Water
A popular flavor in Middle Eastern, Indian and Greek foods, this high quality steam distillate is made from pure rose petals. Perfect for flavoring cookies, glazes and pastry creams.
Nordic Sweets Mintees Nordic Sweets Mintees

Hard candy shells that surround a layer of chocolate and a mint center. A product of Denmark.

Nordic Sweets Swedish Forest Berries Gummi Candy Nordic Sweets Swedish Forest Berries Gummi Candy

Chewy, berry-flavored gummi candies from this popular Danish company. Just in time for the holidays!

Ornament-Glitter Eiffel Tower Ornament-Glitter Eiffel Tower

Trim your tree with a Parisian twist.  These beautiful Eiffel Tower Ornaments are a sparkly addition to your France themed tree.  Choose either gold or silver.

Safinter Saffron Safinter Saffron
Spain's finest saffron. A little goes a long way to adding color and flavor to your dishes, from paella to St. Lucia buns.
San Giuliano Alghero Balsamic Vinegar San Giuliano Alghero Balsamic Vinegar
Aged in oak casks, this Italian balsamic vinegar provides fragrant flavor to meat, fish, vegetables and salads.
Scharffen Berger Cacao Nibs Scharffen Berger Cacao Nibs

Shelled cacao beans that have been roasted in small batches for exceptional flavor and crunchy texture. Not sure what to use them for? The possibilities are endless: they can be used in cookies and other baked goods, infused in coffee, ground and mixed with spices for a meat rub, beer-making and much more!

Storz Chocolate Parrots Storz Chocolate Parrots
A colorful little chocolate parrot that will brighten anyone's day, young or old! A wonderful addition to a gift.
Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap

Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap has a clean, fresh scent that is irresistible! This soap is great for men and women and can also be used as a shaving soap.

Südzucker Sugar Cone Südzucker Sugar Cone

A "zuckerhut" can be placed in the middle of a bowl of red wine punch - carefully light the tip on fire and allow to melt into the bowl. A festive and exciting addition to your holiday celebrations!

Van Delft Kruid Nootjes Van Delft Kruid Nootjes
Similar in both taste and name to the German "pfeffernüsse", these small, crunchy cookies are deliciously spiced and perfect for holiday snacking!
Ybarra Sherry Vinegar Ybarra Sherry Vinegar
This sherry vinegar is imported from Spain, made by the brand Ybarra, which we are very proud to carry. Wonderful when used in gazpacho, sauces and salad.
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